Quality management system

Thadimexco quality objectives: Subcontractors are evaluated periodically according to the quality management system achieved 100% up to standard, delivery time is 98% according to plan, the request of quality reached 100%, operate management system production and quality management according to HACCP, BRC meet the standards of B or above.

Tieu chuan GMP

GMP standard

GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations – is the instruction for good manufacturing pratice, apply to production facilities, food processing, pharmaceuticals to control the factors affecting the formation of the quality of products from the design stage, construction plant, equipment, processing instruments; service conditions, preparation to processing; packaging, storage and human controlling of machines’ activities in outsourcing and processing.


SSOP Standard

SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures), are : Rules on sanitary norms or to be more specific , the process of cleaning and sanitary norms control procedures.

Together with GMP, SSOP control all the factors related to the quality of food safety of the products during manufacturing and processing, from receiving raw material to final product.


HACCP Standard

HACCP (Hazard Analysis stands and Critical Control Points, has been translated into Vietnamese as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), is the principle used in establishing the system of food safety management. HACCP is assigned obligatorily to many countries worldwide in applying during the manufacturing and processing of food. 


HALAL standards

HALAL according to Arabic means are allowed to use. Food and products which are certified as HALAL have special meaning for business in foreign markets or countries with Muslim citizens under Islam. HALAL certification is a proven form of social obligations and increase customer trust and confidence in the product. It provides great opportunities for exporting.


BRC Standard

BRC is the global standard of food safety provided by the British Retailer Consortium-BRC set in 1998, suitable for controlling the quality and safety of the food. This stanard was accepted by more than 8000 enterprises over 80 countries.

Tieu chuan ASC

ASC Standard

ASC stands for Aquaculture Stewardship Council. This is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in 2009 by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Initiative The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)to manage the global standards demand for aquaculture with responsible. ASC built a standards – based on four major platforms is environmental, social, animal welfare and food safety. 

tieu chuan BSCI

BSCI Standard

BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative – Ministry of conformity assessment standards of social responsibility in business, launched in 2003 from the initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) with the aim of establishing a common forum the code of conduct and monitoring systems in Europe about the social responsibility of enterprises.


asc 1 0
asc 2,3
ASC 2017
msc 2017
attP 2018
HALAL 2018


  • Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - Chairman
  • Mr. Nguyen Thanh Mua/Kent - Head of representative office at HCM
  • Ms. Bui Thi Nhu Thao - Export documents
  • Ms. Nguyen Phuong Thuy - Export documents
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